Super 75 Construction Equipment Sale Columbus, OH

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#Diamond & Abrasive Blades
1Diamond Blade 14" ConcreteHusqvarna5025864VH5$69.16
2Diamond Blade 14" AsphaltHusqvarna5025927VH10$98.04
3Diamond Blade 14" Vari-CutHusqvarna50251005Vari-Cut$114.00
4Abrasive Blade 14"x1"/20mm ConcreteNorton502835HSC1401/20$7.10
5Abrasive Blade 12"x1"/20mm ConcreteNorton502833HSC1201/20$5.48
6Abrasive Blade 14"x1"/20mm MetalNorton502841HSM1401/20$7.10
7Abrasive Blade 12"x1"/20 mm MetalNorton502838HSM1201/20$5.48
8Soffcut 6" Orange BladeSoffcut50251421XL6-4000$92.38
9Soffcut 10" Orange BladeSoffcut50251418XL10-4000$244.53
10Soffcut 14" Orange BladeSoffcut50251419XL14-4000$392.24
11Flex Soffcut 6" Orange Blade EconomySoffcut50251519FLX6-4000$80.86
12Flex Soffcut 10" Orange Blade EconomySoffcut50251521FLX10-4000$159.60
13Flex Soffcut 14" Orange Blade EconomySoffcut50251523FLX14-4000$214.93
#Concrete Supplies
14Concrete Spreader w/Aluminum HdlKraft5007321CC944$24.75
15Concrete Spreader w/Wood HdlKraft500729CC903A$22.28
16Chapin SprayerChapin501811949$109.59
17Magnesium Float 16x3-1/8Marshalltown500613145D$26.10
18Durasoft 18x4 TrowelMarshalltown50069MXS81D$42.33
19Durasoft 20x4 TrowelMarshalltown500611MXS20D$44.58
20Margin Trowel 2x5Marshalltown50063452$11.69
21Margin Trowel 1-1/2x5Marshalltown50063654$11.69
22Kneeler Board Marshalltown5006251KB451$18.86
23Magnesium Float 16"Goldblatt50081706-150$19.71
24Magnesium Float Thinline 16"Goldblatt50081806-164$21.54
25Pan / Whiteman 36"Whiteman508339611032$108.50
26Pan / Whiteman 46" 4 BladeWhiteman508316711017$183.68
27Pan / Whiteman 46 " 5 BladeWhiteman508314612093W$183.68
28Pan / Whiteman 60 "Whiteman508314711979$279.00
29Finish Blade 6X18Wagman502019WX-618F$12.57
30Combo Blade 8X18Wagman502022WX-8180$17.47
31Finish Blade 6X14Wagman502018WX-614F$10.88
32Combo Blade 8X14Wagman502020WX-8140$14.80
33Finish Blade 6X18 (CM)Wagman50208WM-618CH$12.83
34Combo Blade 8X18 (CM)Wagman502012WM-8180CH$18.54
35Finish Blade 6X14 (CM)Wagman50206WM-61325CH$11.50
36Combo Blade 8X14 (CM)Wagman502010WM-8140CH$15.52
37Fiber Expansion Joint 1/2"x4"x5'JD Russell5149615' Section$1.66
38Fiber Expansion Joint 1/2"x3-1/2"x5'JD Russell5149235' Section$1.40
#Concrete Chemicals
39Cure & Seal 309 Star SealVexcon497945 Gallon$45.75
40Form Oil Certivex Voc-AimVexcon497935 Gallon$42.40
41Envirocure White 100Vexcon4979115 Gallon$26.10
#Construction Supplies
43LHRP shovel RazorbackAmes50051345519$25.58
44LHSP shovel RazorbackAmes5005844101$25.58
45LHRP shovel TruperTruper50666231207$19.10
46LHSP shovel TruperTruper50666431208$19.10
47Wheelbarrow TruperTruper50668933181$97.56
48Spud Bar 69" 16lbs.Truper506615130162$27.00
49Measuring WheelKeson504127RR318$68.94
5025"x1 Tape measureKeson5041103PG1825$12.27
51100' Tape MeasureKeson504173OTRS1810100$19.76
52200' Tape MeasureKeson504174OTRS1810200$26.57
5316" Street BroomsKiefer50321Bronco-16$14.28
545 Gallon CoolerIgloo50394451$39.99
558# SledgeTruper506614330918$20.72
5610# SledgeTruper506614430919$23.24
5712# SledgeTruper506614530920$26.82
58Estwing 22 oz HammerEstwing503031E3-22S$33.96
604' Magnum LevelEmpire Level502310E90-48$71.05
614' Aluminum LevelEmpire Level50233580-48$25.55
62Rags 50# boxStar Wipers Inc.52021RSC-50$42.50
63Rags 25# BoxStar Wipers Inc.52022RSC-25$21.25
64Paint (All colors) 20 ounceAervoe501307-Dec20 oz cans$3.18
65Safety Can 1G Type IJustrite504017110100$36.47
66Safety Can 5G Type IJustrite504037150100$43.20
67Safety Can 5G Type IIJustrite504057250130$85.44
6850' Extension Cord 12/3US Wire & Cable51731374050$31.84
69100' Extension Cord 12/3US Wire & Cable51731274100$60.10
70First Aid Kit 25 manAffirmed Medical518516430$24.68
71Caution Tape 3" x 1000'Ironwear5046221100-01$9.99
72Duct TapeTape Products52051UT-1022$9.81
73Boots 17" pulloverIronwear504613-JunSize -9-16$19.80
74Giant Chalk ReelKeson504131G130$34.37
75Rain Suit PVCIronwear5046VariesMed - 4XL$11.50
76Hard HatsMSA5048VariesAll Colors$11.07

Prices subject to change without notice

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    GREAT SERVICE!! MTR is the heart of concrete tools in Columbus -**** ***** ******* ************ ***
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